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Submitted May 7, 2011

We cannot thank you enough for the peace of mind and wonderful care you gave our 3 chihuahua's while we wre away on 2 separate occasions earlier this year. Our dogs are like our children and I love them with all my heart. We want the absolute best for them and know they would be so stressed and uphappy at a kennel. My husband and I have struggled to find the proper care for them and we have left them with a friend in the past, who did a great job, but said while the dogs were happy during the day, our male chi, Jack, would sit by the door and howl at night.

When you stayed with our dogs...I KNEW they were happy! I knew because of the pictures you texted of them cuddled up in bed with you under the covers (which they don't do with just ANYONE!) and cozied up on the couch and I knew because of the stories you told me about how Jack loved you chasing him around the house with his of his favorite games!

Our house was exactly the way we left it when we came home and our dogs were happy, safe and stress free! It was honestly the best time away we've had in 5 years because we knew our dogs were in their own home and enjoying their time with you.

Thank you again! You will be our ONLY pet sitter in the future!!!


Marcie & Anthony L.

Submitted July 14, 2011

I have had Stephanie from Adventures N’ Pet Sitting watch/walk my dogs about four times now. At first I was a bit nervous to go away because I have four dogs, all of who have their own issues, ranging from old age to severe allergies. Each dog must be fed a special diet and two of the four have an extensive medical regime that must be followed closely. I hadn’t gone away in seven years because of this and was scared there would be some issue.

I can’t tell you what a relief it was and how happy I felt to receive the first few updates. My dogs were fine and didn’t miss me at all!!! They were having a great time with Stephanie and Artie, playing, snuggling, walking and snoozing. What a relief! I could finally enjoy myself.

Stephanie didn’t hesitate to contact me if she had a question, so all went smoothly. I had a wonderful vacation and so did my babies. I swear when I came home, they were disappointed to see me walking through the door and not her. We were so pleased by how this first visit went we immediately booked her for time in June, August and September.


Submitted July 21, 2011

After several months of searching, the task of finding the right dog sitter seemed impossible. That is until my husband and I met Stephanie! To be honest the very thought of leaving our precious dog, Izzie, in the care of someone else was absolutely terrifying. However, the sight of Stephanie seated on the floor giving loving kisses to Izzie, only moments into our first interview eased our fears. My husband and I realized Stephanie was just the person we had been looking for. Not only was Stephanie instantly enamored with our precious baby boy, but Izzie appeared to be thoroughly in love with her.

Stephanie was passionate about providing the very best care for Izzie. She took the time to find out about Izzie’s habits, learn his different walking routes, and gain knowledge concerning his likes and dislikes. Stephanie patiently answered all of our questions and addressed our concerns. Since we had never before left Izzie in anyone else’s care, my husband and I were somewhat worried about how Izzie might react. So, Stephanie willingly returned to our home to walk Izzie and become familiar with him. In fact, Stephanie visited our home three times before we ever booked a single date for her to dog sit.

Since our first meeting with Stephanie, she has dog sat for Izzie for two four-day periods. During both occasions, Stephanie slept in our home. Upon our return home, we found a very relaxed and content dog. It was obvious that Izzie was well cared for in our absence. Izzie went on four or more long walks in the nearby park every day. He played Fetch Football each afternoon. In the evenings, he relaxed and watched television while Stephanie doted on him. She hugged, kissed, and petted him to his heart’s content. Before bed, he snacked on Frosty Paw ice cream. I dare say that Izzie enjoyed his time with Stephanie, which made it easier for us to enjoy our vacation as well. In fact, Izzie even looked for Stephanie around the house for a few days after we were home again. Even the mention of her name made his tail wag.

Aimie and Tony D.

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