Dog Walking & Mid-Day Visits

Our primary objective is to get your pets outside and walked. Depending on your pets needs, a walk could consist of a 20 min. to 30 min. time period. Perhaps you will need our service to take your pet for a mid-day walk or visit while you are out or at work. It may be that your pet is too young or too old for a walk or perhaps the area you reside in is unsafe for you to walk your dog. We can accommodate all your pet walking or visiting needs. Whether it`s play time or walk time or just a visit, simply ask us and we will do our best to fulfill your pet`s needs.
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Our reliable and responsible staff will give your pet the care he or she needs while you are away. In secure and familiar surroundings, your pet receives a normal routine, regular diet, love and individual attention. The last thing you need to worry over is the care of your pet when you are away. Our goal is to give you peace of mind when you are not at home. Adventures 'n Petsitting charges per visit so you can use us as little or as much as you need. We will customize visits and services to meet your and your pet`s requirements, be it longer play, visit, walk time allotments, or perhaps less visits per day depending on your criteria, the pet`s needs or schedule. Dogs need more walks and visits than other smaller animals. Most small or caged pets such as birds, fish, pet rodents, lizards or turtles need at least daily attention and we can handle all your pets and their needs. Our staff's presence at your home can help deter break-ins by giving your home the “SOMEONE IS HOME” appearance by bringing in the mail, closing or opening curtains or blinds, turning on or off selected lights or setting alarms according to your direction. Our staff is fully bonded and insured so while you`re away there are no associated worries over personal property, keys or locks or security passwords .Your home, pet and property are secure in our hands.

Included in each visit (or otherwise as directed by you):
1. Bring in mail and newspapers
2. Water plants
3. Turn on or off lights, alarms, open or close curtains or shades
4. Pet litter disposal/litter maintenance

We will also give you a daily update via your preferred method, such as a note at home, a post on Facebook,  or even a phone call.
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Rates & Pricing Information

Our regular visits are all approximately 20 to 30 min., depending on how much interaction your pet would like. Remember, some small animals are shy and only interact at the level they are comfortable with, so less time may be adequate.

Dog Walking & Mid-Day Visits:

$20.00 per 30 minute visit
$35.00 per 60 minute visit

Cat & Small Animal Households:

(Includes fish tanks, birds, caged animals, etc.)
$20.00 per 30 minute visit
$35.00 per 60 minute visit

Overnight Visits:

$85.00 per day

Additional Pets:

Unlike many sitting services, Adventures 'n Petsitting does not charge for additional pets unless you have over 5 pets in your household, or unless we cannot care for all your pets in a 30 minute visit. Over 5 pets- add $3 per additional pet.

Holiday Fees:

Adventures 'n Petsitting does charge a holiday fee ON the following holidays. This fee is per DAY, not per visit.

$5.00 Holiday Fee on:

Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day

$10.00 Holiday Fee on:

New Years Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve


We provide our customers with a full list of our policies at our free registration meeting.
The prices above are subject to change at any time. Prices are based on being able to care for all animals within a 30 minute time frame. Additional fees may apply.

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